Who We Are

Hello! We are Gisel and Jonathan. Photography has always been part of our love story, and we want to share that with you.

We put you at the core of our storytelling, so when you look back at your photos you can relive the memories and the emotions you felt that day.

About Us

Paige and Mark

Blue Venado

Paige and Mark first met on a boat two years in a row, then by fate, they lived a couple of blocks apart.

Chara and Manoj

Mia Tulum, Amansala Chico

The lovely Chara asked this cute stranger to protect her seat as she went for a refill. Everything else is history.

Karishma and Niray

Hard Rock Riviera Maya

This pair chose royal reds and dramatic golds and blues as their attire and spiced things up with an exciting and colorful Holi celebration too!

Alice and Eduardo


This session has a bit of everything, urban scenery, street art, sunset pics and tons of love. Felicidades!

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Cossu Confidential

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