Nikyta said …

“Jonathan Cossu was an excellent choice for our Hindu wedding in Cancun. In our search for the perfect photographer, we started off our search with a budget in mind and decided to choose someone from either US or Canada, but we quickly discovered that doing so meant we would have a large amount of additional costs in bringing them to Mexico. We had already found it difficult to communicate with many of our Mexican wedding planners from the resort, so we heavily considered reprioritizing our budget numbers to afford such a decision, but that’s when we came across Jonathan Cossu and his assistants. First impressions were very positive; he represented a company that cared about more than just “landing a gig”. He and his staff showed enthusiasm for our big day, and they seemed really excited to have the opportunity to share this moment with us. Most of all, it was super easy to communicate in English with him and his staff and their replies were prompt and professional. His costs were very affordable and in-line with what our budget was, and he showed complete flexibility with his time on-site being divided as needed. Most companies/individuals we came across were unwilling to budge in this area, causing us to worry about the downtimes during the wedding (and with an Indian wedding, there can be a lot!), but Cossu was willing to accommodate all of our requests and he was very reasonable with his costs. There was complete transparency from Day 1 regarding all associated costs, and we did not have any surprises during or after the wedding. As a matter of fact, we ended up using him for even more of his services (private photography sessions for the bride&groom as well as a family photoshoot session). The fact that we ended up going with him continued to reward us all throughout the experience. We are most thankful for his familiarity of the area and his positive, upbeat personality. It was much needed, and served to our benefit.” Nikyta & Shashi, Moon Cancun Indian Wedding

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