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Becca and Chris

Dreams Sapphire

Love Story

Chris and Becca have known each other since their high school days at Century Junior High in Lakeville, MN. Chris was a tiny guy who pestered Becca all the time.

She saved him once or twice from being suspended or expelled, but that’s a story for another day.

They dated for about a week in freshman year in high school and held hands, SUPER scandalous.

They remained friends for most of high school.

Becca attended college at the University of Minnesota Duluth and Chris attended the University of St Thomas.

When Becca came back to town on weekends, they hung out with mutual friends throughout college.

Becca and Chris started dating and casually dating or going to bars after their senior year in college.

As Becca will say, “Chris got really cute.”

Shortly after they started dating, Becca went and the student taught kindergarten abroad in Slovenia.

This was not ideal for their relationship, but it made both of them realize how much they loved each other .

When Becca got home a couple of months later, they decided to officially date.

Fast forward 5 years … Becca had been giving out some HEAVY clues about getting engaged, and a wonderful night finally happened.

They were decorating Christmas cookies with family and friends earlier in the day.

Towards the end of the night, Gayl (Becca’s mother) asked Becca what she wanted for Christmas, and her response was, “A ring.” (Swearing has been omitted :)) This was not planned at all, but Chris came around the corner with a ring, a total surprise to everyone in the room.

The wedding day

Their never imagined how long it takes to plan a wedding in the Mexican Caribbean with 2020 in the middle of the date!

After 4 times of planning and waiting for two years … The day has finally arrived !!

We arrived at the Dreams Saphire resort in Cancun, Riviera Maya, to meet the bride after 2 years of communication by mail.

We find this beautiful blonde bride shining with love and the groom full of serenity and energy of security.

The perfect couple, surrounded by family and friends.

All togetter achieved with perseverance, the wedding of their dreams!

It was a pleasure for us to be part of your dreams come true!

We wish you infinite love !!