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Megan and Nathan

Destination Wedding at Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya ,Mexico.

Nathaniel and Megan met on a group vacation with their families to the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya in 2018

NathanielĀ“s sister and now brother in law, are both special needs so they were celebrating their honeymoon as a group.

Nate and Megan were both single at the time and hit it off instantly! When the trip was coming to an end, Meghan was in tears at the thought of never seeing Nathaniel again.

The two continued talking after the vacation and their relationship grew.

They basically became inseparable!

Two years later, they travelled back to the Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya after Megan had graduated Nursing school.

Their moms and some other close friends came along for the trip. Nate popped the question on the beach at the Valentin.

The place they both held so close to their hearts!

When deciding on where to hold their wedding, they both agreed that they just had to return to the Valentin to get married.

Whether it was just the two of them, 5 people or 50 people, this was the place where they met knew it was right for their nuptials! Their wedding was absolutely stunning.

They were married at the place that their romance began and also where they had decided to share their lives together!

Now, they have been together for more than three years, they have a home of their own, two dogs (one named Maya Roo after Mexico), a cat, and Nathaniel has two beautiful children from a previous relationship that they both adore.

We wish this amazing couple a future filled with many more unforgettable memories, and hopefully more visits to the Valentine Imperial Riviera Maya, the place where their story began.