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Neeraj and Mona

Hard Rock Riviera Maya , Mexico.

East Asian bride and groom portrait

Neeraj and Mona met on a dating platform and while Neeraj fell in love on the first date, Mona wasn’t quite so sure! Of course, she soon fell for him as well, and the rest is their love story

Neeraj proposed in Doha, and two years later they became husband and wife.

Mona and Neeraj are both kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and elegant leaders; the type of people that you want around.

They take care of their loved ones and do everything in their power to assure that everyone is enjoying themselves.

Their Hard Rock Riviera Maya wedding reflected their elegance and grace. It was a creative, energetic, and exciting celebration of their love that left all in attendance full of joy and love.

We had a wonderful time with them and wish them a future together where all of their days are filled with that joy and love.