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Rosemary and Colin

Generation By Karisma in Riviera Maya Mexico.


She is an 8th Grade English Teacher and he is a Warehouse Manager at a Facilities Management Company.

They live in Louisville, KY and have known each other for over 10 years.

They did not start dating until 3 years ago but once they did we almost immediately knew that was it for them.

Colin proposed in February of 2020 not knowing the world would be shutting down in a few months.

They have been postponing all of their celebrations due to COVID so they were so very ready for this wedding to finally happen”


Of course they were ready!! They’re perfect for one another!!

Their wedding day was a rainy day in the Mexican Caribe, but nothing could hold back the happiness and love of this wonderful couple.

When we arrived at the Generations by Karisma hotel in Riviera Maya to meet Rosemary & Collin, we found this beautiful group of people who, despite the rainy weather, had carefree, positive and joyful attitudes.

This wonderful energy was the one that reigned throughout the wedding, achieving a romantic and emotional start to the next chapter in the lives of Rosemary & Colin.

We wish you all the best and infinite love.