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Taylor and Paul

Generation By Karisma in Riviera Maya Mexico.

Groom whispering to bride on beach in dramatic wedding portrait

Deciding to tie the knot in the destination wedding style is a big step. One of the most essential considerations of the decision is getting your photography right. If your destination wedding does not get captured the way it ought to be, it would almost be as if traveling all that way was for nothing. Well, only a destination wedding photographer can tell you the reality.

Comparing destination weddings with the conventional kinds can be likened to comparing Paris and Venice. Both are full of beauty and romance, but they are extremely different experiences altogether. If you are planning to say “I do” in Resort Generations Riviera Maya Mexico, there’s every reason you should choose us.

Your camera guy spends more time with you on your wedding day than anybody else. More so for a destination wedding where you need a photographer to give you uninterrupted coverage. Spending that much time with them makes it essential that your personalities jive. You as well need to be 100 percent comfy with the person for the whole day. The more relaxed and sure you are with your wedding vendors, you will be better able to take the back seat and simply enjoy your day, save irritations, distractions and unnecessary stress. Our priorities begin with the quality of work, regardless of the bride, groom or guest’s experience.

Only destination wedding photographers would understand why you have come such a long way to make your union official. It is our job to convey your story in our work, not just to show up on your wedding day to take pictures. Did you come all the way back to Riviera Maya because this has been the dream place to be? Or did you meet here years ago and decided to have the relationship come full circle? It is our responsibility to help you convey that interesting message in your wedding pictures. If you work with us, rest assured we have your romantic narrative at heart.

Paul and his wife were both pharmaceutical reps for different companies. They met in a doctor’s office and crossed paths again in downtown Orlando, where they became friends. A few months later, they started dating, some months down the line, Paul unexpectedly pops the question. The proposal was covered with a drone and the experience was perfect. We can make yours extraordinary too.

bride and groom posing for wedding photos at Generations Riviera Maya

"Planning a destination wedding is great but trying to choose a photographer a whole country away is pretty tricky. I knew I couldn’t trust the resort photographers so I started researching and came across Jonathan Cossu’s website. I loved that the pictures were not clichè and cheesy! I decided to go with my gut and pick him and his team to do our wedding and I’m so happy I did!! They were fantastic and captured everything we asked for. Thank you guys for our beautiful pics!"