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Tresa and Brad

Generation Riviera Maya Mexico

Fresh mint love story!

Brad tells us how they met, so we share with you this new story:

Tresa and I were exhibiting for our respective organizations at a small and diverse business event.

Tresa worked for P&J Contracting and I worked for Hensel Phelps.

Our booths were facing each other and as I was walking through the display area, I noticed that their branding material listed Hensel Phelps Construction Co. as a general contractor they have worked with in the past.

In an effort to help Tresa and his team, I informed him that we had incorporated a rebrand and that we will be Hensel Phelps in the future should they want to update their marketing materials.

While interacting with Tresa and his team, I noticed that they had mints for those who visited their booth and I took some as payment for helping them identify their incorrect literature.

I went back there shortly after to purchase additional mints because I felt that I was not adequately compensated with the first handful and to see if I could find out a little more about Tresa.

After the fifth time of acquiring mints, I think his team was tired of me coming back and told Tresa to come talk to me because they were running out of mints.

Naturally, you agreed to my advance and request for your contact information. About two weeks later, the courtship began, and the rest I will say is history.

The wedding day

We arrived at the Generation resort in Cancun about an hour earlie (as allways) to have time to enjoy every single detail and every litte moment and handle any unexpected incidentals with elegance.

Jonathan found the radiant bride starting her getting ready and Im meet the elegant groom and their childrens, two handsome little mens!

We beginning to feel the energy of this wedding. Two families become one, forming a strong circle full of love!

The decoration of the ceremonie was absolutelly stunning!!!

A perfect expresion of caribbean autum and a real inspiration wedding if you are planning your oun wedding by the sea!

The flowers decoration, chairs, everything was perfect!

At the moment of celebrate, they choose the sky terrace, a perfect place to dance and enjoying the gentle sea breeze!

A wonderful wedding energy!

We have seen a lot of style on the dance floor that night and the music was veeeery good!!

The DJ make dance everything around It was impossible to keep the body still on that party!

It was a very beautiful wedding and its an honor for us to be able to reflect so many beautiful moments and feelings of hapinnes and love.

Thank you Tressa and Brad and..

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lewis!!